Exit Routes

Retention and Refinance by the Directors

Loans for Property backed developments are generally being developed in order to retain as an investment. The preferred exit route will be via a refinance with one of a number of lenders we use currently namely CCB, Lloyds, Shawbrook & Aldermore.

Sale to Portfolio Landlord

We have already strategically sold existing Empire HMO portfolio properties to existing landlords & we have also assisted existing Empire clients to do likewise.

Furthermore, due to the high yield we can achieve, we are being asked to purchase and develop properties with the intention that investor clients then purchase then from us. This is supported by Empire’s attitude to building long lasting relationship; Empire usually then assist with finance sourcing, manage the properties in question and support further development of the clients’ portfolios.

Sale to the Open Market

We have experienced an increased demand to not only produce larger developments, such as pubs and offices but also market them via traditional estate agents. Foreign investors are particularly interested due to the UK’s rental demand & reliable legal system.

For further information about our exit strategy track record please see our Done Deals.